During the event “Technical Spirit Vol.4” 2022
Greece is already open, from May 1st, without the restrictions known for the last 2 years After the long dramas along pandemics, restrictions and many more, the long awaited sunny weather and sea are here.

Let’s officially open the 2022 diving season in Greece. Tradition dictates that this happens in the month of MAY 21 – 24 inclusive (four days)! For the impatients our diving center has been open from April 15-th.

This is a great opportunity for you to become familiar with the news in OCEANIC DIVING CENTER:
– new products from the diving equipment manufacturers we represent, Mares, Waterproof, Shearwater, Heinrichs Weikamp, ​​SUEX, XDEEP, Faber, Luxfer.

During the event “Technical Spirit Vol.4” 2022 we offer:
– Diving package Boat diving 340 euros (8 dives from a boat + 1 night dive from the beach, bottles, weights, water, snacks + 2 days lunch at the tavern Panos)
– Diving package from shore 220 euros (8 dives + 1 night dive, based on bottles and weights)
– Test dive with Mares SCR HORIZON +90 euros
– Test dive with a SUEX VRX underwater scooter +50 euros
DISCOUNTS: – when buying the diving brands, that we sell: Mares, Waterproof, Shearwater, Heinrichs Weikamp, ​​XDEEP, Faber, Luxfer! Those wishing to purchase equipment, need to place their orders no later than April 20, 2022!
– Night dives to try out high quality products as Mares underwater lighting, will be conducted at standard price with no extra charge for testing lighting.

Everyone is welcome to be our guest, there are no restrictions in the diving qualification. On the 21st May at evening, the dinner is from us:  roast lamb and Greek sugar delicious  celebrating opening of the diving season 2022. If you need accommodation, we will send you links with contacts of hotels and houses.

We look forward to seeing you at OCEANIC Diving Center in early summer!
The address is well known Nikiti 63088, Halkidiki, Greece +306 993 993 724 (Greece) +359 889 973 335 (Bulgaria)


Our sunny greetings,