Dive trip Fiji January 2025

Extraordinary dive destination!

If you have ever heard, if you have ever seen, if you have ever dreamed – now you have the privilege to touch and enjoy with us!
Top diving destination in the world – Fiji island, Oceania. Probably you have watched a lot of videos for sharks, World Paradise of the sharks and of immense coral reefs in Ocean. This dive features up to eight different species of shark: bull shark (largest in the world), whitetip reef shark, blacktip reef shark, nurse shark, lemon shark, grey reef shark, silvertip shark, and even the elusive tiger shark. This dive offers the chance to see over 300 species of fish. As divers descend through the clear waters to a landing at 18m/60 ft, they will see sharks circling below them along with hundreds of jacks, snappers and other fish species swirling around the feeding area.



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