Mares XR Blue Battle Single Backmount


Mares XR Blue Battle Single Backmount. A single backmount set that includes everything you need to enter the world of XR diving.

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Mares XR-line Blue Battle
A single backmount set that includes everything you need to enter the world of XR diving.

Mares Blue Battle Single Backmount Set Features
Mares XR Complete Mount System:
Mares Introduces the Extended Range (XR)
Bridging Gap Between Recreational & Technical Diving
Made for Serious Divers
Pushed to Limits-Thru-Intense Testing
Total Modularity: Fits All Mares Donuts/Wings
Mares XR Harness Heavy Light:
Technical Diving Harness Assembly
Harness Webbing:
138″ (350cm) Continuous Webbing
Center Hole & Grommet
3 x 1.6″ (40mm) Elastic Loop Retainers
59″ (150cm) Crotch Strap
Harness Hardware:
Harness Hardware:
Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel
2 x Bent D-Ring 2″ (50mm)
2 x Straight D-Ring 2″ (50mm)
4 x 3-Bar Slides Normal w/Mares Logo
2 x 3-Bar Slides Toothed w/Mares Logo
1 x Waist Buckle w/Mares Logo
Cotch Strap:
2 x Straight D-Rings 2″ (50mm)
1 x 3-Bar Glides 2″ (50mm)
DIR Hogarthian Configuration Harness
Mares XR Aluminum Back-Plate:
0.12″ (3mm) 6061 Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum Alloy
13 Laser Cut and Laser Etched Webbing Slots
Eight Slots Specially Designed for Optimum Positioning of Harness Webbing
2 Upper, 2 Lower Slots for Nylon Cylinder Bands, Single Cylinder Mount w/o Adapter
Two Slot Design: Provides Lateral Cylinder Stability w/o Weakening Strength of Spine
2″ (50mm) Wide Crotch Strap Slot
15 Holes for Accessory Attachment
Three Top Holes: Offer Range of Height Adjustments for Buoyancy Cells/Cylinders
Lower Center Slot: Allows for Misaligned Lower Band Bolts
4 Upper, Lower & Bottom Perimeter Holes:
Mounting of Accessories
Side-Mount Butt Plate
Bended Lower Edges
Mares XR Logos and Laser Cut Shaped Axis
Highly Technical Pre-Shape – Unparalleled Versatility
Ultra-Rugged Unfold-Able Backbone
XR Donut Bladder Single Tank:
1200D Bulletproof” Ballistic Nylon & 600D Polyester Exterior
Inner Air Cell: Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Black Polyurethane
Heavy Duty Plastic Zipper & Slider w/Elongated Teeth
K Style Inflators w/Brass Buttons
35″ (89cm) Low Profile, Round-Shaped Hose
Left Position Won’t Interfere w/1st Sage Regulator
Drains: 6 Large Grommets, 2-On Top & 4-On Bottom
4 Heavy Duty Grommets Positioned to Allow Optimum Trim
Low Profile Dump Valve w/Micro Puller
Extremely Streamlined – Very Stable Continuous Loop Shape
Very-Smart & Unique Design Allowing Cylinder to Nest Inside Wings
Smooth Gas Shift from Left to Right
Lift: 35 lbs. (16 kg)

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