Regulator first stage Apeks Tek 3



Regulator first stage Apeks Tek 3 pair

The Apeks Tek3 Regulators are specifically designed for twin sets; each first stage is a one-sided mirror image of the other. Tek3 first stages are made for neater hose routing without excess ports or failure points, combined with the XTX50 which can be reversed too the Tek3 is a great package if you’re building a twinset or separated for stage cylinders.

Popular with Tech Divers because of the Apeks heritage, the ability to customise and adapt your set-up and shear ruggedness of regulators that work in all environments. Apeks analysed tech divers and trimmed out any features that were superfluous. The newer 1st stage design is now forged for increased strength and allows for better hose routing.

Left and Right Handed first stages have angled ports that are made to route downward to allow for a streamlined configuration that avoids: snagging, crossing hoses and restricted access to your valves. Each first stage is over-balanced that increases performance at depth so they can deliver more gas at deeper depths if needed