Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV’s)

DPVs (or scooters, that is) were developed mainly for long range cave dives, out of necessity, due to the distances explorers were needing to cover. Diving with a Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) isn’t only for technical, wreck and/or cave diving. Every Recreational Open Water Diver (12 years or older) can enjoy the fun of diving with a DPV. We are proud that we can offer DPV-tours with our SUEX DPV’s. You don’t have to swim anymore, Just pull the trigger and enjoy the underwater scenery while the DPV is pulling you through the water. Are you ready for this thrilling adventure?

At OCEANIC Diving Center we even offer the Diver Propulsion Vehicle Specialty Diver Course if you would like to become a specialist! You will be doing 2 dives with an instructor and it only takes 1 day. After this you will have the opportunity to rent the DPV’s and go explore by yourselves. And of course if you already had the pleasure of getting your DPV Specialty certification you can rent them directly.

DPV’s at depth too, they are great exploratory and “save a dive” tool. Sometimes because of current, or an unforeseen slow descent for example, you may find yourself maybe 50-100m from what you know to be the best part of a dive site. A swim like that at depth can be hard, but all it takes is a minute on the trigger and you are there. Given the advantage in both fun, and safety, it’s hard to find a reason for not using a scooter every dive…

Suex XJ 14 and XJ VR Scooters can be rented to those qualified or experienced in their use. Training options can range from a 4-5 hour orientation including a single dive, or formal training with certification as a SSI DPV Diver, or aimed at more technical use, TDI DPV Diver. The SSI course stays within recreational realms, whereas the TDI can present material at the technical level that the diver is qualified to, and covers all aspects of use including gas sharing protocols, towing failed scooters, handling emergencies, communications issues and so forth.

Are you ready ?