Can you take a “DEEP” Breath ?

Are you a Recreational or a Tec Diver and you wish to fill your scuba tank or your Deco Stage with High Quality Breathable Gas? Do you wish to try a Nitrox or a Trimix Breathing Gas? Are you interesting to have Gas blending course?

If all this questions are in your mind, if all this questions are in your diving agenda, you have found the prefect Diving Center to join!

At Oceanic Diving Center, we take Breathable Air matters very very seriously. For us a good dive is not only depends at the dive spot or the underwater life! Is obvious that for your daily recreational dive, high quality Breathable Air at your scuba tank is critical to be Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (C02), Water Vapor (H20) and Oil free! Also for your Tec dive or Tec course, Trimix or Nitrox blend gas must be clean, must be pure and precise. For all this reasons and for many more at Oceanic Diving Center, we have invest a lot of money to organize THE BEST diving filling station in Northern Greece. Whatever your Diving Breathing gas needs are, at Oceanic Diving Center high safety standards and high quality services procedures is at the top of the top in our daily priority.

The heart of our filling station is one MCH 32 Coltri’s breathing air double compressor, with charging rate of 600 L/min, capable of filling a 10 Litres diving cylinder from empty to 200 bar in 4 minutes, also we have 6 tank-banks each one 50 liters for fast refilling. Why we have choice Coltri? Coltri started manufacturing compressors in the late 1960s. Today, after of 60 years in the breathable air industry Coltri SPA is one of the most important companies worldwide in the design and construction of high-pressure compressors for pure breathing air and technical gases.

At Oceanic Diving Center to ensure that you always have the best and the most high breathable air services we have ensure that MCH 32 Coltri’s breathing air double compressor is certificate with the high international standards. Please click at this link to download the official MCH 32 Coltri’s certifications.

To be more productive the scuba tank, user refill stations are five. Inside the diving center facility we are using three high quality filling stations and they are used exclusive for Nitrox and Trimix Gas blending. In the main area of our diving center, the other two refill stations are ready to cover any daily recreational diver needs.

A compact 6000 Mk2a panel from UNDERSEA LTD for Nitrox and Trimix Gas blending is the heart of our Tec Gas refilling substation. The 6000 Mk2a is one state of the art with modular design that is easy to use for 99,999% accurate blending of Nitrox and Trimix gas. All valves, “O” rings etc are uprated each year before diving season start, that’s ensure that we give you fine and high quality Breathable Gas. The 6000 Mk2a panel and outlet pressure is controlled by high accurate 100mm DPM 400 Mk2 Digital gauge.

One 5835-R Dual Pressure Charging panel for Air with 232 & 300 bar pressure outlets with automatic pressure regulator is the main air distribution system. To ensure that Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (C02), Water Vapor (H20) and Oil will be always bad history High quality digital sensors with real time alarm system is also installed.

The total equipment at Oceanic Diving Center are normalized with high quality air purity international standards of EN12021.

Now you really know, who you will trust, to take a
“DEEP” breath.