SUEX Demo days at OCEANIC Dive Center-Nikiti

SUEX DEMO days at OCEANIC Dive Center


SUEX Demo days at OCEANIC 24 – 25 – 26 and Official opening of DIVING season 2019
Book your SUEX scooter and place soon possible!

During the event:
– FREE test diving with DPV (underwater scooter) renting a scooter for everyone who wants only after a pre-reservation, as the seats are limited! Any diver of diving will be able to see what it feels like to dive with the SUEX underwater scooter and the freedom it gives you, more safety under water and the possibility to go longer under water. Try it yourself and get yourself into the top equipment we use and know what to use in the future. We at OCEANIC Diving Center are the only DPV rental center in Greece, we have scooters of the most renowned SUEX manufacturer – number 1 in the world!
– All dives will be held by our boat, which most of you already know, BERTHA – Be faster!
– Certified divers who do not have their own equipment can hire.
– Diving is based on our 2019 price list, boat, weights, guide, bottles and weights.
– Those wishing to try scuba diving, renting the scooter is free of charge.

Necessary and mandatory conditions:
– Open Water Diver or higher;
– A pre-booking email sent to


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