Mares XR SMB REGULAR 180cm


The buoy indicates your position in the water. Reliability and ease of filling make this your ideal buoy for Extended Range diving.


The standard orange marker buoy is the ideal buoy for your technical diving. Its technical features make it reliable for signaling the position even in difficult conditions. The closure at the base prevents any possible loss of air. Inflatable by mouth or by inserting the hose of the BC, it guarantees total filling.

The key features of the Standard Orange Signalling Buoy are:
• Orange color with over-pressure valve (opv)
• Width: 15 cm – total length: 180 cm – lifting thrust: 12kg
• Double welded and stitched
• Clear window at the top to insert written messages on waterproof notebook or chemical lights
• Marked with Coast Guard approved solas reflective stripe
• Non-return valve for low pressure or mouth inflator connector
• D-ring made of stainless steel and elastic
• When deflated it can be stowed in a pocket or attached to the backpack

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